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10/28/2013 We are still working on the new level and things are going well. We been working really hard on the AI to make sure it is game ready. stay up to date with Fox Delta Command and all of Fox Delta Games at Facebook. Follow the link below.  
Made with Xara
08/28/2013 We started production on the first official level, so far things are going smoothly. Check up for new screen shots on our Facebook page.
07/30/2013 Our Kickstarter have been approved, We are now ready to launch it. On August 1st our Kickstarter will finally be launched. So please stay tuned. Like us and follow us on facebook for the up to the minute updates.
Game Projects. Fox Delta Command
Fox Delta Command is a tactical shooter being developed with the Unity3D Game Engine for the PC.
Dreadful Undead is what started it all for Fox Delta Games. Dreadful Undead is a wave by wave survival zombie first person shooter; the player is set in 3 level, a gas station in the middle of the desert, in the open country side, and in a shopping center. Your objective is to survive 5 waves for each level.
Dreadful Undead